SCAVENGE THE CTIY (March 29, 2009) -
Your Custom Algorithm!!! (document everything)

__ Walk 3 blocks west and then
__ Ask the next person you see if they are American, if yes, genuinely inquire about the reason behind their visit and then
__ Stop at the next Convenience store and contribute to the local economy and then
__ Try to make your phone number by taking photos of individual numbers and then
__ Ask someone for directions to the heart of the city and then
__ Walk for 1 block on the north side of the street and then
__ Go to Charles Clark Square and have two people run a race and then
__ Go to the top floor of the next parking garage you see, and take a photo of something other than Detroit and then
__ Call the parents of one of the people in the group and tell them what you're doing and then
__ Draw a picture of the next piece of trash that you see and then
__ Make a note of the next street sign you see and then
__ Walk 3 blocks east and then
__ Get someone outside of your group to take a picture of your group and then
__ Walk south until you a see a Chrysler car, then cross the street and then
__ When you see a Caesars sign on a streetlight post, go to the nearest restaurant and take note of their drink special and then
__ Walk to Starbucks, count and note how many people are inside, then do the same at Milk or the Coffee Exchange and then
__ Please note the number of trees you can see from where you are right now and then
__ Turn right and walk for a block as a human chain, one person can be unchained to document this and then
__ Insist on giving the next person you see a high-five and then
__ Stop at the next bar, go to the bathroom and record something from the stall walls and then
__ Walk until you see a public sculpture, then draw it and then
__ Write on a legible service, 'To change this city, please call (519) 255-6315' and then
__ If you see the feather hat man, ask him for a dollar or a smoke and then
__ Take a picture of the next person you see and then
__ Take a photo of whatever is to the left of the next Transit Windsor bus stop, include some indication of the bus stop and then
__ Wherever you are, claim this as your territory and then
__ Walk north until you see someone dressed inappropriately for the weather, then head south and then
__ From here on, every time you see a Denial sticker, turn right and then
__ Stop at the next bar, ask the bartender to tell you a genuine story about their favourite customer ever and then
__ Turn left when you see a bench and then
__ Make the next fence you see prettier and take a picture and then
__ Turn left and then
__ Take a postcard photo and then
__ Buy a coffee and give to the first taxi driver that will take it and then
__ Go into the next convenience store you see and then
__ Draw a map of your ideal movements between downtown places you frequent (erase barriers) and then
__ If your group knows where a drug dealer lives around where you are, make a drawing of their place and then
__ Identify the type of the tree nearest to you and then
__ Walk to the riverfront and then
__ Try to draw the Caesars sign from where you are and then
__ Walk on the south side of the next north-south street you come to for 2 minutes and then
__ Walk down the next alley you see, do not take a photo of any graffiti and then
__ Walk until you see a vacant storefront, keep a running tally of all the vacant storefronts you see from here on and then
__ Write your own algorithm and leave it at Charles Clark Square, spend 3 minutes looking for another group's algorithm and then
__ Count and make note of all the vacant storefronts and rented storefronts you can and then
__ Find a house you would actually move into if you had the chance, and draw a picture of it and then
__ Stop, face the north and take a picture and then
__ Take a picture of the bridge from wherever you are right now and then
__ Find the nearest surveillance camera and act out a favourite movie scene, have someone record a script as you play it and then
__ Cross the street and then
__ Enter the next restaurant you see and make a very quick diagram of the floorplan and then
__ Walk north until you see a Ford car or truck and then
__ Write down the time and then
__ Walk away from Caesars for 2 blocks in any direction and then
__ Get a picture of anyone sitting on a bus bench and then
__ Get a hug from someone who is not drunk and then
__ In the next restaurant you pass, ask what the special of the day is and record it and then
__ Walk one block to the east and then
__ Walk east until you feel safe and then
__ Walk 1 block south and then
__ You're Done, head back to Phog, 157 University Avenue West, 519-253-1605!!!