1. Michelle

    D-W new geography follow-up:

    After we cut out the river, we started playing around with placements:
    We put Hart Plaza at University and Ouellette
    We lined up both McDougall streets in Windsor and Detroit (they run parallel)

    Then we made a list of all the streets in both Windsor and Detroit that have the same name, thinking that’s a good starting point for connecting the cities.

    Jefferson in Detroit could lead into Jefferson in Windsor, for example.

    Can’t wait to keep exploring this!

  2. Kevin

    So awesome! sweet post and great cross-border portal route map!!
    I can’t wait to do some more work on the letter. I kind of want to make a base.

  3. leesa

    but where is the river going to go? while it does act as natural border, it does provide sustenance. looking forward to more developments and updates on this project.

    • Leesa you bring up a very good point. We’ve started by cutting out the maps and physically re-locating and connecting roads together, thus changing the geography of the region. It’s been useful so far in finding parallells between the two cities, and it’s pretty relaxing and enjoyable to sit and look at a map for an hour or two. I think this will mostly likely get translated into a digital cross-river transportation infrastructure including or similar to the portals that have started to get fleshed out. I think inventing some type of subway system might even be pretty cool.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Good question, Leesa.

    Maybe Michelle is thinking about turning it into an underground lake (or, rather, river)? But, you’re right, erasing the river erases more than just the border.

    I still want to figure out a way to render a huge number of pedestrian crossings. I think Josh started on that…

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