1. SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! Wished we could’ve been there — Danielle and I can’t wait to see the tool kit! And that crazy SRSI calendar … so organized, I love it!

    Ok, I might suggest that in terms of WIFI, we look into the downtown BIA situation (in terms of range) and as a backup option, whatever Josh has at home with his Rogers wireless internet thing. Any more info on this Josh? Is it only possible with a contract or could we do it for a month? Next time someone is downtown with a laptop, could we swing by the spaces and test the range?

  2. Unfortunately I would bet that the Rogers Rocket Hub is only available with a contract. I think that Bell lets you rent modems though?

  3. I was thinking about the downtown BIA free internet as well. The range/quality seems to be pretty decent.

    I don’t think I’ll have time to go test it out with a laptop, with this new crazy job of mine, but someone should, just to be sure :)

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