Grades for Public Spaces (design phase)

Sara's sketcbook

Sara and I spent some time planning out some very preliminary designs for our Grades for Public Spaces project.┬áThe gist of the project is to have a series of rubrics to annotate / grade public space — or rather, use those rubrics as a tool to generate conversation and engagement in the use and rethinking the use of public spaces. This project will probably accompany some upcoming drifts we’re planning.

Justin's sketchbook

We’re planning carbon-copy style prints, anyone ever print anything like that before?

The stickies — trying to map out the carbon copy part of the pages.

Can’t wait to get some rough designs up! Soon.

3 Responses to “Grades for Public Spaces (design phase)”
  1. I’d love to have a look at some of these sketches soon!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey this look pretty sweet! Can’t wait to see, also I found this on wikipedia…

    Apparently “Dot Matrix” and “Daisy Wheel” printers are able to print on carbon paper and get everything on multiple pages in one pass.
    scroll down to printers!

  3. Stephen Lynn says:

    Very cool. I would love to work on something like this. Looking forward to seeing the updates and what the criteria will be.

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