1. I think that’s a great idea Josh … an idea camp, innovation lab, etc. The real difficulty comes from figuring out how to act on those ideas, right? I wonder how to sort that part out. Is it about waiting until the right mix of people are in the same room and then hoping something so inspiring comes together that everyone can clear off the other things on their plate, or is it about just amassing a lot of ideas and then allowing them to be sent out into the world to be taken up (or not) by whoever finds them of interest?

    On another note, I think we should be making many, many alternative maps for the city, one of which could easily be an unconventional spaces for social gatherings map. Let’s get on it!

  2. Yeah I think just getting ideas out there is beneficial, but it would be frustrating if people took it as entertainment. You’re right, we should do some more mapping!

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