1. leesa

    I too have seen some snippets of this project at the DIA, etc. but not in person. Very intriguing and hope to see it live one day. Great photos too!

    But one thing that might have been asked before, will such regeneration of neighbourhood be accepted by the City of Detroit? While not the same as the Heidelberg Project, will these artist houses be accepted as truly innovation and important to the regeneration of neighbourhoods or will they be deemed an eye sore by the City? I can’t remember if Tyree Guyton owns all of the houses that he and others transformed, if that makes a difference.

    Has there been a dialogue with the City of Detroit for new uses of these spaces. And if not, alas, that is always a concern…should one ask for permission or just ask for forgiveness for the sake of the project.

    Looks amazing! Thanks for the post!


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