1. Really glad you posted this Josh! Great reminder of how such a simple action can be so empowering. I’m increasingly interested in looking at how these tactics can be used to deepen engagement and practice in changing a place … thinking about how these labels might translate into actual changes, or if it’s important for them to exist as those reminders or initial steps towards orchestrating a change. And if that’s the case, as you might say, thank you for existing.

  2. Thank you for existing is right! ahah
    Yeah, the fact that they are almost like a subverted or DIY survey is interesting in its own right. But it’s tough to say whether most of them are just fantasies or not. Some, like the bike rack sticker, are not too far-fetched. Hmm, I guess it leads to pretty in-depth conversations about what ‘change’ really is huh?

    Lauren, I think biodegradable stickers might exist. I’m always surprised by how many biodegradable products are out there. Justin used biodegradable balloons for a project last year.

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