Bamboo Bike GROWN


Have you guys looked into your back yard and thought: “OH BOY I wish I could grow a field full of bikes.” I know I haven’t – BUT THIS GUY DID!

Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Graig Calfee is a bike maker. Sounds neat, so what? Check this quote from the Wired article:

To increase production and improve design, Craig is experimenting with growing bamboo into pre-formed shapes in the field.

By forcing the bamboo to grow through carefully placed barriers, the naturally straight plant grows with the bends and curves he needs for frames and other components.

Hey, is that your grey matter splattered behind you on the wall, or is it mine? Because my brain just exploded. That’s incredible! But what is even more incredible is the way he invisions mass-production of these bikes, one more quote:

“A factory in a field. You can have row after row of bamboo growing into the right structures for bike frames.”



 UPDATE: I forgot to post his website, give it a look! Calfee Design

Steam Roller Printing


OK AWESOME. Talk about bringing the arts to the people, Martha Street Studio, a community-based printmaking studio recently conducted their second “Under Pressure” steam roller print festival! Found on MAKE:

For the past two years Martha Street Studio has hosted ‘Under Pressure’, Winnipeg’s only Steamroller Print Festival. High school students, community groups, and artists from across Winnipeg create large linoleum carvings leading up to the festival. On the day of the festival the carvings are inked and printed with the aid of a real steamroller.


via MAKE article

above link also provides more pics!

LED Light Systems for Bikes

I totally had a nerdgasm when I saw this. It’s an LED Light System for your bike. Developed by co-founder of the lovely and informative, Dan Goldwater. Here’s the site to get one. It’s not that bad actually, it’s 64.99USD. Not a bad investment, considering that you will always be seen riding around at night. Oh man, I’m definately considering it.

Once more, I found this beauty on Boing Boing Gadgets.

Wonderfully Canadian: Anti-DMCA Protest Stapled to Posts

You’re probably wondering what’s going on in this picture. The band The Craft Economy has hit the streets with their own protest agaisnt bill C-61. From Boing Boing:

The disc, containing a demo of “Menergy,” a track off of the band’s upcoming record (due late August) isn’t simply Creative Commons licensed music like their previous hydro pole-only release, this time it’s a Bill C-61 protest too (see that little piece of paper sticking out of the back of the disc? Yeah, that’s the protest part). It reads, in part: This is far and beyond and more bizarre than the heavily criticized DMCA in the USA. Copyright should protect the rights of artists and producers of creative content, but it should not suppress creative and artistic expression. The Craft Economy has licensed our music, including this CD, using the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 license. This license gives you the freedom to share our music with your friends and enemies, and remix and use it in new and creative ways, provided you attribute the work back to us, and you don’t make money off our work. It’s fair for you and us. This is the way art should work.)

Totally intense. For more information on what Bill C- 61 click here. No seriously, C-61 is super ridiculous and way harder than the American version. Another reason to silence corporate lobbyists FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY WTF.

Actually, I was talking to a friend who was reading the article in depth and said that the majority government was looking at it with shifty eyes. I hope they see what we see.

Kate Moss Hologram



OK, last one from me tonight. In 2006 Alexander Mcqueen’s ready-to-wear show finished off with a damn near historic (pun, collection related) finale. Inside of the pyramid a ghostly figure materialized, only for it to be Kate Moss! The effect is created with plates of glass, which form the pyramid, and lighting techniques. The ghost was prerecorded and projected forth. Thanks toWikipedia, the effect is called Pepper’s Ghost.

To get the full effect, the video IS A MUST.

3D Image Projection


In 2006, AIST (Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) developed the first 3D image projector. “How does it work?” you say? From Pink Tentacle:

The newly developed device … creates “real” 3D images by using laser light, which is focused through a lens at points in space above the device, to create plasma emissions from the nitrogen and oxygen in the air at the point of focus. Because plasma emissions continue for a short time, the device is able to create 3D images by moving the point of focus.

Essentially, the laser IGNITES AIR to create a pixel. So, I wouldn’t suggest touching it. lawlz.

Here‘s one more article about the update of the projector.