BCL Interview on Bad at Sports!

Danielle and Justin were recently interviewed by Sarah Margolis-Pineo, a curator and collections fellow at Cranbrook Art Museum, Homework conference participant, and writer for Bad at Sports (an incredible contemporary art blog, podcast, and interview series). Founded in 2005 by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder, Bad at Sports (B@S) now features over 20 principle collaborators and is a weekly podcast, a series of objects, events, and a daily blog produced in Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and New York City that features artists and “art worlders” talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and participates in it.

B@S can be tricky to describe: it acts as a curious investigator, an archivist, oral historian, and occasionally as a provocateur. We produce content that lies somewhere on the venn diagram of art, journalism, media, intellectualism, and “the naughty bits.”  We represent artists and their art world through an archive that is text, audio, physical, ephemeral, historical, and constantly evolving through ongoing and unique projects.

Sarah did a great job at framing the context of Windsor and Detroit and the interview covers a lot of ground, charting a bit of history for us, collectively, and the way we work together alongside some thoughts on moving in and out of a gallery and spatially-based public practice. The interview was a lot of fun and we’re flattered to be covered alongside so many incredible artists, curators, thinkers, and doers.

Check out the interview and be sure to dig deep into the Bad at Sports archives here:

And, you should check out the show Sarah recently co-curated over at Cranbrook, No Object Is an Island: New Dialogues with the Cranbrook Collection Through March 25, 2012!