BCL Report, Post-Dance Party

Broken City Lab Dance Party, September 4, 2008

Although the Dance Party was technically supposed to be a Parking Lot Party, the rain forecast and the subsequent move inside the gallery didn’t stop the awesomeness from happening!!! We have to extend a huge thank you to the following people and places: the School of Visual Arts for letting us throw down, Sandeep Soor, Jason Child, Justin JamesMatt HerdmanStephen Surlin, Cristina Naccarato for the Super Nintendo cable, the Blatherwicks for the mint leaves, Bob Soulliere at Cardinal Music (519-966-6400) for the audio equipment, Meaghan for helping with tea, and Chelsea for Christmas lights/dancing up a storm! 

Incredibly fun night overall, and hopefully just the first of many dance-related events in the future. Continue reading “BCL Report, Post-Dance Party”

Tea Time

We spent quite a while this evening trying to perfect our tea recipe and then brewing almost 20 litres of it, in preparation of the upcoming Dance Party. In the photo above, we were in the middle of trying to figure out the best way to funnel the pots of tea into our reused (and cleaned) 2 litre bottles. We settled on transferring from the pot to another container with a lip on it, which made it infinitely easier to get the tea into the 2 litres, and gave us the opportunity to do some straining in between. We’ll post our recipe for the tea soon. We also re-evaluated our previous origami attempts and came up with a better solution, in time for our Wednesday Seedbomb demo.

We Have Germination!

 seed bombs are successful!

After taking a few seedbombs home with me yesterday, I’m happy to report that with some considerable watering, our second recipe seedbombs have started to germinate. Also, and maybe even more exciting, the test seedbombs in Michelle’s yard have also began to sprout! Michelle also suggested we should make some photocopy handouts with the recipe on it to give out to people at the demo… hoping Josh has that recipe?… or was it in Michelle’s sketchbook…?

BCL Report – August 22, 2008

I’m not sure why we didn’t start doing this earlier, but here’s the first report of our weekly activities. We’ve been meeting on Fridays for almost half the summer, trying to make, plan, and do events/projects/demos/awesome. Today involved us revisiting our seed bomb recipe, beginning the stenciling for posters for our upcoming Dance Party (details soon), and plotting our next adventures.

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