New Project Mondays: Week 1

Broken City Lab: new project Mondays

Monday night we spent a couple hours working over some new ideas with some new friends. Mostly, these ideas have been in the “meaning to do that” category, mostly opening up new collaborations in which new projects will unfold.

Two main project frameworks came out of our brainstorm session—a floating sculpture project with the Green Corridor and a documentary video project with a local filmmaker. Both are ambitious in their own right, but thankfully operate at completely different timescales, allowing us a lot more time where we need it.

On top of being really productive and inspiring, we got to use a rainbow of sharpies to take notes—how much better can creative collaborative work get???

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New Methods for Mind Mapping

new mind mapping

Andrew Hunter up at RENDER recently lead participants at the Oakridges Moraine For Life Community Well-being Symposium in a creative mapping project designed to identify the links and barriers to progressive change. The map, pictured above, highlights barriers and connectors by using different coloured post-its alongside more illustrative mapping techniques.

I thought this could be a particularly interesting way to think through larger scale projects.

2009 Strategic Plan

Planning out the next year's worth of repairs for this broken city

We spent last night sketching out all of the repairs we could think of for the coming year (a Broken City Lab strategic plan of sorts). It took a couple of hours, 15 markers, and about 30 square feet of paper (see the whole image), but we came up with some very exciting ideas. Among them:

Broken City Symposium, Leddy Microfiche Exhibition, (Gallery) Slumber Parties, Parking Garage Rooftop Screenings,Telephone Pole Suggestion Boxes, Handcrafted “Parking Tickets”, Small-Scale Exhibitions in Cars, A Parade

We’ll have office hours again in the new year. In the meantime, we’re working on LED signs and Ice Block texts (more soon).