Wheat Pasted Pixels


Interesting technique for wheat pasting by Pedro Biz. Using cut up squares of paper and a well-mixed wheat paste, the effect is something like an 8-bit intervention. I’d imagine larger squares would magnify the effect, where more squares in general would allow for the best method for achieving larger images.

If time is on your side, this could be a nice alternative to the general single piece of paper poster most-often seen around a city. In Windsor though, good ol’ packaging tape is a favourite of concert promoters and owners of missing pets alike.

[via Rebel Art]

Passage by Jason Rohrer

Passage, art game by Jason Rohrer

Passage by Jason Rohrer is a “journey through time.” Created for Montreal’s Gamma 256 competition, Passage allows you to travel through a maze within a 256×256 pixel area, where you meet your partner and travel through “life” together. Play it. Then read the statement.

Its simplicity is quite lovely and I realize more and more that I would enjoy video games a lot if they were all designed by artists. I would also recommend playing the Graveyard and reading Tale of Tales’ Realtime Artist Manifesto.


3D Image Projection


In 2006, AIST (Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) developed the first 3D image projector. “How does it work?” you say? From Pink Tentacle:

The newly developed device … creates “real” 3D images by using laser light, which is focused through a lens at points in space above the device, to create plasma emissions from the nitrogen and oxygen in the air at the point of focus. Because plasma emissions continue for a short time, the device is able to create 3D images by moving the point of focus.

Essentially, the laser IGNITES AIR to create a pixel. So, I wouldn’t suggest touching it. lawlz.

Here‘s one more article about the update of the projector.