BCL Report: March 11, 2011 (Maps & Letters)

Once again, we gathered at Lebel for another fun Friday full of brainstorming and map making. This particular Friday we met with Mel, a jewelry designer with his BFA from Yugoslavia, to discuss the best design for the CAFKA letters.

We are currently deciding whether it would be best to stick with our original plan to build the letters out of plywood, or try a new approach with Styrofoam and stucco.

Hiba, Kevin, Justin and Mel discuss the pro’s and con’s of each design.

Danielle spent the night brainstorming various ways to cross an imaginary wall separating Windsor from Detroit, while Josh looks on.

Danielle worked through ideas that involve using everyday clothing and items to double as border crossing tools.

Shoe spikes and various grappling hook apparatuses.

Michelle continues assembling maps of Windsor and Detroit.

All in all it was a very productive night !

How to Forget the Border Completely is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.


5 Replies to “BCL Report: March 11, 2011 (Maps & Letters)”

  1. That’s because I was wearing them ;).

    The letters having an afterlife as a permanent structure is a good idea, can anyone think of a likely location?

  2. Good question, Dan…

    We will need to try to shop these around afterwards, I can’t imagine we’ll be able to keep them without renting storage space. They would be cool sitting at the edge of the Detroit River, facing Detroit.

    I’m anxious to see more drawings!!

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