But it would be wrong


While it would be highly illegal, potentially unethical, and generally a very bad idea to hijack one of those blinking road signs, either as part of a thoughtful and considered public intervention or simply in the name of free-spirited high jinks (pictured), illustrated instructions for doing precisely that are available for perusal by the curious. [via the heretofore useless-to-me car blog, Jalopnik]

3 Replies to “But it would be wrong”

  1. HA! Thanks for posting this Steven, and thanks for the link to the video, Darren. Let it be known that if anyone sees anything like this in Windsor, it will not have come from BCL (though I have to admit, I was one of the curious).

  2. I know BCL and I would never do anything like that too. : ) I just remembered seeing the video years ago and I’m surprised I found it.

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