Changes and Upgrades

Moving things around and getting organized

After some considerable thought, I decided to move over to WordPress. Previously, the site had been running on a basic CMS system I wrote myself. My hope is that this move will enable a more stable back-end for posting, commenting, etc, and keep me from having to do any heavy maintenance in PHP.  

If you subscribed via RSS before, please adjust your reader to point to the new feed. You might notice that older comments are missing, but we’re going to work on this—the transition has been a fairly manual process, and so a bit more time-consuming than I would have liked, but I think most everything is in order now.

However, if you do stumble across anything strange, please let me know.

7 Replies to “Changes and Upgrades”

  1. The site seems relatively the same visually, but the comment posting area is much improved and there are a few added features that I am feeling. Definitely a step in the right direction. I’ve yet to try the admin area though. Sweet!

  2. hope you’re enjoying wordpress. it’s what i’ve used for many sites in the past. i’m using it for my new photo website too. was good to see you in leesa’s studio the other day too. peace

  3. I think I’m definitely happy with the switch over to WordPress. In a couple ways I was frustrated with the lack of control over certain things, but I think the joy of not having to write a function to do every little thing is starting to sink in a bit more.

    Also, glad you started your photoblog! I love those Looking Back at Windsor photos mixed with the new ones.

  4. I just changed the theme of mine today to something more simple. But still need to tweak it. Still not really feeling connected to photography again after a long break from it, but hope to get back into it soon to where photography feels more at one with my body and mind. I’ll be going to a photo show at Nancy John’s gallery tonight too. Peace

  5. oh, forgot to say why i picked that name too. it’s sort of like your broken city in a way. i felt like our city resembles a HTTP404 page, so called my site photo404 since it’s photos come from a dead end to me. or photo not found… i don’t know. felt like it described something i was after, but still not sure what.

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