Craft Work – Radical Craftivism in Melbourne

Radical Cross Stitch, Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle


In Melbourne, Australia, there is a “ton of land” sitting vacant, while many young people have no place to live. TheĀ Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle decided to comment on the situation by cross-stitching “I wanna live here” on the fence containing the land being hoarded by developers. They also planted some vegetable and flower seeds around the area and spent about 3 hours on this intervention.

Very poignant statement and addressing issues local to them = really, really good. Also, exciting to see a way to tackle the fence that doesn’t have to involve leaving plastic cups (biodegradable or not) or other refuse in a neighbourhood to make a point.


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  1. Saw the ABC documentry, loved the work, Is the message still up? There are plenty of vacated spaces around SA too, and yet our government is saying there is a housing shortage. Thaks for being inspirational

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