In a vacant lot of downtown real estate in Berlin, eight BMWs drove around in a perfect circle roped together like a carousel, while “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie is playing on their radios – remixed for an amusement ride sensation. Every couple rounds the drivers systematically stop to pick-up and drop-off spectators and riders. Just before dusk, a fire is lit inside the circle.

The project, which was part of the 5th Berlin Biennial and sponsored by BMW put the sponsorship and the spectators themselves on display in a lot destined for more high-end development.

Maybe the reverse of this—that is, rusting and broken down domestic cars being pushed in a circle on a vacant lot in the west-end, might be fun … or even more offensive.

[via vvork]

2 Replies to “LANDREFORM Carousel”

  1. I find this odd. Won’t the people moving into this future high-end development be driving BMWs?

    1. I think that was kind of part of the work, critiquing the changeover of the land use to high-end development, turning that issue and the very sponsorship of the biennial itself by BMW into a carousel of ridiculousness…

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