LED Graveyard

dead LEDs

I went through our LED sign today and removed all the LEDs that had died in our earlier efforts to learn electricity. So now we’re ready to replace these and finish up the sign! 12 out of nearly 200 LEDs isn’t too bad.

6 Replies to “LED Graveyard”

    1. yeah, I think we should be fine… we’ll just have to pay attention to the colours… I can’t remember what colours I pulled out.

  1. …gotta admit – I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing this sign! You’ve been building it up to the point that if it isn’t FABULOUS, you’ll have let me down ;)

    1. nice find Darren, if you get a chance, could you make a post on here about that… could be a good reference point for the parade we’ve talked about before…

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