Monday Night Research: Lightbulbs & Lists


We spent another Monday night at BCL HQ planning out this Windsor-Detroit hyper-local tourism idea and doing some basic research for another upcoming project.

We all have some homework to do, but things are moving along nicely on a number of projects, and with the semester winding down, things should be able to push ahead soon!

More pictures of research involving lightbulbs and lists after the jump.


We started off the night by exploring the potential in hacking lightbulbs. We were wondering if there was a potential in using the casing of a bulb, while inserting some LED bulbs that could be easier to power by battery.


We asked google about how exactly one might do such a thing to a bulb.


Digging through the old box of tools for some needle nose pliers.


Josh went to work on the bulb, trying to remove the bottom casing gently.


The key was to remove the solder point, then the glass seal, but once inside, the filament and bulb seemed to be all connected, making it impossible to remove without breaking all the glass, so we went about as far as realizing this would be a potential answer for a project we’ve been thinking about, but fairly labour intensive. Not sure where we’re at with this one, we quite like the aesthetic of the lightbulb for what we’re planning, but we need a fairly inexpensive solution that can be battery powered.


I’m quite sure Josh will continue to scour the Internet for other ideas, or work on perfecting the lightbulb dissection technique.


Josh had to leave early, but Erin came over from Detroit again to continue our discussion from last week.


We made some lists of places that would ideally be on these tours of Windsor and Detroit. We plotted a basic outline of places to visit in Windsor in an afternoon—anyone know if Walkerville Brewery does any kind of tour / tasting?


Erin had some excellent places on her Detroit list, we’re already excited to head over! Has anyone not heard of the Dequindre Cut yet?


Some potential places that range from the normal place you might tell someone from out of town to visit along with some more personally memorable locations.


Cristina insisted that Basil Court be the place for any dinner that would be included part of this project, and for good reason.


Erin listening to Cristina talk about Windsor, as well as discussing the potentials in a very specific route versus a more open route for the project. I think we’ve settled on making at least the first iteration pretty tight in terms of locations and timeframes.


Rosina listening to Erin talk about Detroit. Rosina is also going to do some material research for yet another project this week.

Up next for this project … getting together a working title, maybe some semblance of a logo and then a collective mapping session where we’ll actually begin to plot routes. Launching this project is still a ways off, but we’re pumped to be making some good headway already.

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  1. Yeah, you can get a tour/tasting at Walkerville. I think you have to call and set it up, when we went it was very casual and I think they came up with the cost off the tops of their heads.

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