Psychogeographic Map: East Chinatown’s living and dead businesses and their smells

psychogeographic map

This is a small excerpt of a large map made by students in OCAD’s Cities for People summer workshop, depicting the East Chinatown neighbourhood, its businesses and their smells.

You should take a look at the larger map, which helps to demonstrate the potential in mapping outside of the continually pervasive Google Maps.

To take time to note a neighbourhood in this somewhat peculiar detail is an interestingly necessary method for interfacing with a place one might normally walk by, and in turn, of course, makes me eager to do the same somewhere around these parts.

[via Spacing]

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    1. Pizza and whiskey?! My favourite smells in th city are definitely the distillery and the sweet smelling trees that seem to be around but not sure what they’re called…

      Also thanks for that link… Funny someone else just emailed today about that, it’s a very cool project!!! Good reference and example!!!

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