Psychogeography Walk in Windsor

Pedestrian scramble time-lapse by Sam Javanrouh, from Spacing Magazine

Tomorrow night, December 28th, at 8pm, Spacing Magazine‘s Shawn Micallef  (in conjunction with and will be hosting a Psychogeographic Walk through Windsor. The walk will start and end at Phog and will consist of a simple algorithm to get people moving through the city. After everyone comes back, the routes will get mapped, highlighting discovered details and personal landmarks. 

For more information and to hear the PSA running on CJAM, check out the post on ScaleDown.

PS. The image above has nothing to do with Windsor or psychogeography, but is a still from a Pedestrian Scramble time-lapse video made by Sam Javanrouh that I saw (and liked) on Spacing Magazine’s website.

2 Replies to “Psychogeography Walk in Windsor”

  1. i’m looking forward to checking it out. i wish the walk was a bit more involved or took place somewhere else though in town, but it could still be interesting.

  2. The walk we definitely educational as the groups were smaller and it was easier to hear the information we each had to tell each other.

    Equally interesting would be a city wide psychogeography walk departing from several locations around the city. It would be a huge undertaking to organize, but well worth it I believe. This could be something best saved for warmer weather.

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