Selective Architecture – Richard Galpin

Richard Galpin

As I stumbled on the work of Richard Galpin, I wondered about the possibilities of creating hand-made or photographic experiments with Windsor’s architecture to help understand and interpret Windsor’s architectural setting. I believe that these types of activity could help us design projects involving commentary of our physical surroundings. Here are a few words to describe Richard’s working process.

Richard Galpin’s complex art works are derived from the artist’s own photographs of chaotic cityscapes. Using only a scalpel Galpin intricately scores and peels away the emulsion from the surface of the photograph to produce a radical revision of the urban form. The artist allows himself no collaging, or additions of any kind – each delicate work is a unique piece made entirely by the erasure of photographic information.”

Richard GalpinFree State III

Richard GalpinFree State I

7 Replies to “Selective Architecture – Richard Galpin”

  1. Interesting post. I like how you’re suggesting using this to engage with our particular surroundings to create a way of understanding our unique community. Though that process sounds pretty labour intensive, peeling off the emulsion rather than using the whole photo.

  2. Yeah! I mean simply doodling or modifying photographs might be able to lead us to some interesting observations about the city’s structure and function.

  3. Ya that sounds good. Though I think the meticulous nature of the process comes through in these pieces that give it a lot of poignancy. I looked at his older pieces and their more geometric and illusionary/perspectival emphasis, I find, don’t work as well as the ones you posted.

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