SRSI, Day 21: Busting Open Payphones

Laura Paolini of Bell Payphone Labs arrived yesterday with a mission to bust open her payphones. We found all the tools and help we needed out on the street. Otherwise, business as usual down on Pelissier, with one week left to go!

The Department of Unusual Certainties have been re-arranging their workspace.

These boys are not only working on their Storefront Success Stories project, but are also finding ways to change up their office to better provoke creativity in the space.

Norman’s desk is just perfect for sleeping. Between writing extensive logs on his security position, Norman takes naps. I’m guilty of napping over at his desk sometimes too.

Justin went in to 424 to take some final pictures of The Garden Project.

Lea labeled each ward with a piece of tape then placed a matching label on a stick in the planters. During her residency, she made some meaningful connections with Windsor residents and displayed her work quite keenly in 424.

Robin continued to train for the big night on Friday.

Josh brings supplies to continue working on his I.S.H…

…and continues to set up shop at 406 Pelissier.

Justin and I spend some time looking over grant proposal deadlines in the coming months.

Laura Paolini arrives from Bell Payphone Labs with a lot of treats.

She’s got two payphones installed in 406, one of which will be transformed into a gumball machine.

Access can be gained to the interior of the payphone for service purposes by using a key, which unfortunately was lost while travelling.

Josh helps to think up solutions for how to get into the payphone and/or how to acquire tools to get the job done.

Luckily these construction workers stuck around a bit longer after their shift and used their tools to help us out!

These guys had fun helping us out! It was nice to have this type of exchange with the workers. It was a very different experience than waving hello, separated by panes of glass, a sidewalk and an orange fence.

Great Job!

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.

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  1. I’ll keep the second last photo in mind the next time I misplace my payphone key :D How GREAT is that photo!!!

  2. I saw the construction workers downtown just as Pelissier was finishing about two weeks ago and they said hey, they missed having us around.

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