SRSI, Day 25: Bookmobile & Friendly Services

Monday saw the last new residents move in to the SRSI spaces; Lee Rodney’s Bookmobile Reading Room and Emily Colombo’s friendly services. To get footage for the SRSI documentary, Daragh followed Norman around, who was on his A game all day.

Norman’s logs present a personal perspective on his security guard experiences.

Lee Rodney arrived with her Bookmobile. Norman helped guide the van onto the cement on Park Street in front of 406 Pelissier.

Lee put a few decals onto the side of the van and moved the seats into 406 Pelissier to set up a Reading Room.

Her collection of literature pertaining to border relations and border issues will be available to browse down on Pelissier until Friday, July 9.

The corner space in 406 was full of activity with three different projects consecutively running in there until the end of the program on Sunday, July 11.

Lee has some bookmobile shirts she will be giving away during her residency.

She has placed a series of maps in the window showing the Detroit/Windsor region from various decades.

This specific map was released by the Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation.

Laura spent most of the day working with some power tools to get her GMBLL payphone up and running.

This phone gives personalized messages to those who interact with it and also dispenses gum balls for 25 cents. It will remain in 406 Pelissier until Sunday, July 11.

Emily Colombo is here from Sault Ste Marie providing free and friendly services to Windsor residents.

She will be making lunch daily and is enticing people to bring her broken objects so that she may fix them.

Yesterday she had a very big pot of chili slow cooking for most of the day making the space smell delicious.

She also made sun tea and invited people walking on the hot street to come in and cool off with a glass. Emily will be doing a collection of different interventions daily  until the end SRSI so come out and get one last glimpse of what’s been going on!

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.

6 Replies to “SRSI, Day 25: Bookmobile & Friendly Services”

  1. The Bookmobile reading room looks so fantastic!
    Those old van seats are so reminiscent of my old family vacations – I can almost smell the old burnt Florida sun on them and hear the family’s cassette compilations comprised of The Shirelles, The Byrds, a little Fleetwood and a lot of Ace of Base.

  2. Miss Em is the Bomb! We can’t wait till she explodes back in our northern faces!

  3. …and then the city felt empty. I loved the Arduino as I was packing up and moving out today. I would stop every so often to read it and it would tell me how the city was feeling much like I was today… I felt even more connected than ever to Windsor, this place, these people.

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