SRSI, Day 30: Em’s Little Book of Friendly Services

Over the weekend, Emily Colombo wrapped up Miss Em’s Friendly Services with an awesome zine-like handout. Lots of food was prepared and shared.

On Saturday, Emily made a tasty fruit soup using fresh berries from the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market.

Joe has been a regular, visiting SRSI almost daily. He knows a lot about the city and has been great company to the residents over the course of the month. Thanks Joe! Emily got some maps of windsor printed for her recipe books, inverting the colours on the map to create a different effect.

On Sunday she wrote out all of the recipes she made over the course of her residency and photocopied them onto the back of the maps.

Tying brown string around them makes them seem like a personal handmade gift. Emily’s recipes all consist of fresh ingredients and local produce.

She even included ways to love your city and fix your bike, two things she did a lot of during her time spent in Windsor.

Merry Ellen came by to do one last batch of pies; rhubarb flip and bumbleberry.

Jolie stopped in and brought us a watermelon to share.

Emily installed her recipe books all around the street outside of 406 Pelissier. There were some left near the bench on Park Street where she was set up for her free lunches. More were tied to the orange construction fence around the perimeter. Emily gave so much to the community of Windsor, fixing broken bikes and making fresh, healthy and free meals for passersby and then giving them a fool-proof way to make their own dishes using the same fresh ingredients.

We did one last action before locking up on Sunday in preparation for cleanup on Monday. We left the two plants that were acquired during the 30 days or SRSI out on the park bench on Park Street so that someone who would enjoy them would take them home.

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.

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