Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Firefox Plugin that changes the word crisis into opportunity

See the Opportunity developed by Leo Burnett Lisboa and Arc Lisbon is a Firefox plugin that automatically replaces the word crisis with the word opportunity throughout your internet travels.

Not unlike Steve Lambert’s Add-Art, this is another great use of the extensibility that is the Firefox plugin framework.

What are those plugins written in? Does anyone know how to do this? I think developing a Windsor-specific plugin could be a great summer project.

[via Scott Burnham]

2 Replies to “Turning Crisis into Opportunity”

  1. I just became a user on the add-art website before I read this…hoping to get more info on the submission process for the ads.

    crisis opportunity switch seems pretty easy to do…hopefully someone has the code so we can do it up BCL style

    1. Did you submit something to add-art?

      We, as in you and me, should learn the code necessary this summer… could be another good tool in our arsenal for making things happen. I’m sure there’s a ton of tutorials on it…

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