Working at & on (forgetting) the Border, Next Week is Show & Tell

Meeting outside is the greatest. There’s talk of building some kind of mobile table / bistro to make this possible in other locations, but I suppose that’s further down on the to-do list.

For now, we’re immersed in bringing together research and inventions around our How to Forget the Border Completely project to pull into a publication.

Above, we brought lots of reference material on Friday night.

Back from the line, Rosina was picking up on her geocaching project, which is now looking to be somewhat more analogue. Think envelops as a point of discovery and you’re getting close. It’s going to be super lovely.

Josh and Hiba talked Canada Customs Consultancy, anxious to read the hilarity.

Sara brought us up to speed on her symmetry (aka bro-fist) project, explorations of the D with Karlyn are to come shortly.

I made to-do lists. Guess what? As of 3:30pm the next day, none of those are done yet. Maybe tomorrow, grant patiently awaits design from Sara, stitching and portals are all on me though.

Sara’s sketchbook — making sense of an unwieldy and continually changing layout for a collaboratively written publication.

Notes on Symmetry.

Rosina moving through the catalogue from the Experimental Geography exhibition.

Finding a reference point for Windsor-Detroit tunnel tokens … think micro-grants.

Karlyn taking notes, planning for signs…

… scouting Detroit locations for a lo-fi cross-border communication of sorts.

Maps (hand-drawn).

Rosina checking up on her and Erin’s work on locations on both sides of the border. User Google Maps accessible from an iPhone, yes.

Thom Provost stopped by and immediately jumped in. We talked 1000 pedestrian crossings that look like the board walk at Point Pelee and stretch up to 5 blocks into each city and some 3D renderings of our portal infrastructure.

Sara working on the micro-grant tokens graphic.

Sketches of an idea.

Thom giving us show and tell with VABE student, Trong.

Josh smiling knowingly at Thom’s explanations.

Trying to figure out how best to render a series of Detroit River obfuscations.

Some other ideas to give us some more useable layer for things like a Mountain Range or a dense forest. Over-processed.

This says a lot, but doesn’t say enough yet.

One of Thom’s past (or maybe initial) renderings of what was discussed around the portals.

If every Friday is sunny, we’ll be lucky. In the meantime, we’re working to get back together next week for show & tell & critiques. Deadline for the publication is hovering in late June, much to do, but lots to look forward to.

How to Forget the Border Completely is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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