Homework: Folder Frenzy

As I promised on Friday’s meeting, I went out in search for the perfect folder to distribute to our guests, who will be attending Homework: Infrastructures and Collaboration at the end of this month.

My first stop was Dollarama. There, I arguably found the worst selection of folders I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t even worth taking pictures. I quickly moved on to Staples where I was much more successful. Below are quick phone photos of folders I thought to be appropriate for the conference.

Posting everything on here is probably the best way for us to collectively choose the best fitting folder.

Earthwise folders come in packs of 10 and about $7 a pack.

They come in burgundy and white.

The Staples collection of pocket folders comes in a bunch of fun colours like this yellow. It’s also 10 per pack but is slightly cheaper.

Please notice my slick phone shots. I was asked to not take pictures. I had to be sneaky.



Dark blue.

I think these folders also came in a couple of different colours like red and orange.

Let me know what you guys think so I can go out and buy them!

8 Replies to “Homework: Folder Frenzy”

    1. I like the grey or yellow too. A custom stamp is a bit too pricey for a decent size. So I figured we could either do stickers or xerox transfers. There’s also a stamp from the custom notebooks, it’s not the homework logo, but is really nice a simple. Maybe ill post a photo tomorrow.

  1. Grey is my favourite as well. I think it would look great with the logo on it. A picture of the stamp would be awesome!

  2. Grey! I also like sometimes how bold black font goes with a nice yellow, but grey is so clean! I love it.

  3. although i will not be able to soak in the lovely folders, i say grey is the best too, however, i remember staples used to have a nice kraft coloured folder as part of their 100% recycled products. they are more expensive…my 0.5 cent worth.

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