Wellington Ave, Windsor, Ontario

Above, a wall between two houses covered in vinyl siding.

Danielle and I were on our way downtown the other day and we took Wellington after I forgot to turn where I normally do at Partington. There were architectural and infrastructural weirdness that actually had us stop, turn around, and then pull over to take these shots. It also made me anxious to start on the drifts we’ve discussed doing.  More time to explore neighbourhoods slowly would be a lot of fun.

Above, a park that has a bizarrely designed planter (as far as Windsor’s standards go).

And, finally, a house that has this modernist addition on the front of it to feature a large circular wooden accent that actually frames a normal wooden door.

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  1. These walks are going to be exciting! I always use this road to get downtown, and every time I pass by on my bicycle I always glance at the door to see if I’m going to catch someone opening it.

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