Os Gemeos Parade Balloons


We’ve talked many times in the past about the need to do a parade of one kind or another here in Windsor, so when I saw this latest work by the Brazilian street art duo, Os Gemeos, and Plasticiens Volants, I had to post it.

The entire outdoor festival / parade entitled, LOST ART: ESTRANGEIRO looked incredible!

Leave it to a city like São Paulo to pull this off. Shouldn’t we be passing inflatable balloon sculptures back and forth across the Detroit River? Or at least across EC Row?

[via PSFK]

You Are Worth It: Biodegradable Balloons


As part of Green Corridor’s Open Corridor festival, I’ll be working with 500 biodegradable balloons with “YOU ARE WORTH IT.” printed on them. The balloons will be filled with helium and some wildflower seeds, 200 of them will be launched anchored throughout the Green Corridor area and handed out to those in attendance next Thursday, June 18th.

Over the next few months, the remaining 300 balloons will be used for a variety of smaller launches and handed out in small bunches.

The balloons will act as a kind of seed bomb, meant to distribute wildflowers to some of the many ideal locations across the city for new gardens.

Flower Bombs With Biodegradable Plastic

Flower Bombs by StudioTX

Flower bombs made from biodegradable plastic (PLA plastic), painted with water-based chalk, created by Studio TX. The lawn gnomes images are questionable, but maybe better than paintings of flowers… As the bag begins to break down (which takes 4-6 months), the seeds land on a base of sod and begin to flower.

We should either start making some seed bombs and learn about this biodegradable plastic, ormake this.