Prototyping Projects for Halifax

Josh, Hiba, and I spent Monday prototyping some projects for our upcoming project in Halifax. This was building off of some small macquettes that Hiba did a week ago.

We wanted to work at full scale, so we got a bit of wood and started thinking through building.

The process was really quick and dirty, we just wanted to get some things closer to full scale to start looking at them and figuring out how we’ll move forward.

We’ll likely end up rebuilding these out in Halifax anyways, so these really will act just as a model.

Some of the tools. Yes, a nail gun. More fun and less sturdy than a drill.

Hiba squaring things up.

Josh, perfecting.

Hiba nail-gunning.

It stands.

Nail gun attack.

Circular saw. Serious.

Inspecting the cut.


The second leg…

More reinforcements.

And this as a result.

A very light-weight and portable sign easel. Designed for anyone to borrow and use for their own messaging.

Not quite scaled appropriately. We’ll end up with more surface area for the hardboard and the poster will actually be made on a roll of paper.

And maybe we’ll turn it into a backpack.

Josh seems comfortable enough.

Other ideas include adding some wheels and making it foldable for even easier transport.

Then, onto the next project model — the bike projector attachment.

This was seriously fast prototyping, and a lot of fun. Though it’s possible that Josh had moments of panic watching joints going together that were not measured, cut correctly, or even all that well secured.

But, here’s the gist of it…

Almost a reverse trailer for the front of the bike to hold a projector and a lot, lot, lot of extension cord.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll add some castors and more bracing. More soon.

SMS Guerilla Projector


Troika is a multi-disciplinary art and design practice founded in 2003 by Conny Freyer, Eva Rucki and Sebastien Noel, who met while studying at the Royal College of Art in London.

This project, SMS Guerilla Projector, is about four years old, but it caught my eye while flipping through my copy of the Design and the Elastic Mind book. The SMS Guerilla Projector does what you’re seeing above, basically project the screen image from a Nokia phone onto surfaces around the city. The project is somewhat reminiscent of the Image Fulgurator, which I posted on back in July of 2008.


Most speculation on the interwebs suggest it’s basically a hacked phone and slide projector mashed together, which is kind of ingenious in its simplicity. Basically, and LCD screen can have light pass through it and so by opening up a phone and shining some concentrated light at the screen, so the speculation goes, you would be able to project the image with a lens.

Some other notable and interesting projects of theirs that you should check out: The Tool for Armchair Activists, SMS Memory Wall, and Exploded Monologues.

Open Community Video


In tandem with The Open Corridor and Drive-Through Symphony events, Green Corridor has also installed another exhibit, Open Community Video.  This installation features videos from local students and community members.  The videos are rear-projected through the front window of one of the The Green Corridor’s new Ecohouses located at 372 California Ave.

Window projection

Open Community Video will take place Thursday (tonight!), September 24th from 8-10pm and Friday, September (tomorrow!) 25th from 8-10pm.  If you have any short videos that you would like to contribute to this installment, just bring a dvd copy of it to the house tonight or tomorrow night!

Jenny Holzer’s Projection for Chicago

After meeting with Massey’s Junior Physics Club again today and then discussing that project further at tonight’s Office Hours, trying to figure out exactly what we need to do to make a really large-scale projection happen, I saw this video on Jenny Holzer’s latest Projection for Chicago, as part of her ongoing Xenon Projections series.

Check out the size of her projector near the beginning—insanely huge, but also insanely bright.

[via Art21]