Micro-Residency #4: Iga Janik

Iga Janik is an artist, curator, and the director of Artspace in Peterborough. We got to hang out with her back in October for about a week. It was awesome, and now we get to hang out again, but this time, in Windsor.

For her Micro-Residency, Iga will be bringing some micro radio transmitters, which you can see above.  We’re not sure what she’ll do with them over the course of the weekend, but their signals can be picked up by car radios, and hanging out in a parking lot or bugging a city block could be a lot of fun.

However, for Iga, the important part of all of this is what transmitters can do, not how they do it. Consider us very excited!!!

If you want to catch up with Iga, send us a note, we’ll get you connected.

Project Citizens Band

Project Citizens Band Container

I’ve found a group of individuals who have been creating some absolutely amazing work bordering on sound and technology called Intermod Series.  I may post a few of their works as I feel many of them are extremely interesting.  This particular project consists of a sound transmitting device and is called Project Citizens Band.

“This project was a month long broadcast over CB radio using prerecorded sounds designed to be mood altering. Four different audio tracks corresponded to common emotions experienced at the scheduled time of day. These were transmitted for a 5-minute duration, creating a sedative or stimulating affect.”

Interview on CJAM

interview with Tom on Not In My Back Yard on CJAM 91.5fm


I was interviewed yesterday about Broken City Lab on CJAM 91.5fm’s Not In My Back Yard, hosted by Adam Fox and Tom Lucier. I didn’t get a chance to post this before the interview actually happened, but thankfully CJAM offers MP3 archives on their site.

You can hear the excerpt of the show with Tom’s and my conversation above. If you want to hear the entirety of the show, which I can highly recommend, you can download the episode from this week. NIMBY airs every Tuesday at noon on 91.5fm in Windsor.

Also, check out Tom’s blog, where he posted the interview, and bonus footage of a couple videos of the interview and some of the extra conversation we had.