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Project Citizens Band Container

I’ve found a group of individuals who have been creating some absolutely amazing work bordering on sound and technology called Intermod Series.  I may post a few of their works as I feel many of them are extremely interesting.  This particular project consists of a sound transmitting device and is called Project Citizens Band.

“This project was a month long broadcast over CB radio using prerecorded sounds designed to be mood altering. Four different audio tracks corresponded to common emotions experienced at the scheduled time of day. These were transmitted for a 5-minute duration, creating a sedative or stimulating affect.”

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  1. that reminds me of a little device i bought back in the 80s from a great business run from a house in the west end called rose city electronics. or something like that. it was called the TV Genie.

    it was a tiny box about the size of the scanner i showed you guys at a recent meeting. it had a antenna on it about 5 inches long, and ran off a 9V battery. on the front were 2 RCA inputs for video and audio.

    all you had to do was plug into it and you were live ! the range wasn’t bad too. my darn dad sold the thing on me though and i was so upset since trying to get one after the FCC banned them was impossible.

  2. I think we need to work out some more audio projects… maybe the CJAM thing could be reworked (or we at least need to contact Garth). At the very least we should get an audio recorder from Chris to play around with for a bit.

  3. That little device sounds and looks interesting. What kind of things did you broadcast, Darren? I agree with furthering some audio projects but I’m not going to be brokenhearted if we don’t. I’ve been trying to get Chris to order another recorder as the few he had went missing months ago. I’d love for him to find another one online or something. The MicroTrack and Zoom recorders are supposed to record really well but it’s possible we might just need a mid-line recorder.

  4. hi joshua, i just used to use it to send video from one vcr to another tv. but sometimes we would attach it to a camcorder my friend had and then it would be broadcasting live video. i guess it doesn’t sound like much but back in the early 80s it was fun. : )

    i picked up a digital audio recorder today too. i’m not sure how good the mic is but you can plug in an external mic. it only records in mono though.

    i need to get a longer antenna for my scanner to pick up CB better too. but i will try using this other one i have at the meeting this week. i just need to program in the CB frequencies so i can scan them more easily.

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