Rooftop Ideas

pool noodle rooftop

Pool noodles and an empty roof can make for some amazingly bright alternatives to tar.

The rooftop space, designed by INABA will be used for video screenings and community events, with the grouped pool noodles used as modular seating, all of which makes me all the more anxious to imagine all the potentially great alternative uses to the top floor of those three downtown parking garages.

[via Inhabitat]

28 Millimetres: Women

28 Millimeters: Women by JR

This is a huge project. JR, an “undercover photographer,” recently completed this large-scale photo installation on the rooftops of Kibera, Kenya. The photos on the roofs are of Kenyan women and are printed on water-resistant materials, thereby providing the homes with some protection in the heavy rain seasons, while the hillside also features faces that are split, but completed when the train passes through Kibera twice a day.

The scale of this project is incredible, but I really like that the photos also protect the homes beneath them.

[via Wooster Collective]

Annotating Windsor

we're still alive: a message to the world, annotating Windsor on the rooftops of parking garages, by Broken City Lab

From what I understand, Google Maps updates once a year or so (I’d guess even less than that). So, I think now would be a good time to start on a project like this, as according to these maps, Caesar’s Windsor is still under construction.

That parking garage on the corner of Park and Pelissier would be a fantastic candidate for a project like this. I think noting to the world that “we’re still alive” is going to be increasingly important, as Windsor continues to have the highest unemployment rate in Canada.