Annotating Windsor

we're still alive: a message to the world, annotating Windsor on the rooftops of parking garages, by Broken City Lab

From what I understand, Google Maps updates once a year or so (I’d guess even less than that). So, I think now would be a good time to start on a project like this, as according to these maps, Caesar’s Windsor is still under construction.

That parking garage on the corner of Park and Pelissier would be a fantastic candidate for a project like this. I think noting to the world that “we’re still alive” is going to be increasingly important, as Windsor continues to have the highest unemployment rate in Canada.

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  1. I saw some odd things when looking at the google map for downtown recently too, as if someone had used white out on parts of the map. I parked in the other city lot downtown too and it was packed. Maybe due to the auto show going on in detroit.

  2. This is brilliant. I always wonder how often these images are updated (not enough).
    I think there are TONS of options for what you could say, and where you could say them.
    It wouldn’t even require permission. You can use Phog Lounge’s roof FOR SURE.

    Are there any businesses that you can imagine using?
    Have you seen the Ford Foundry buildings south of Wyandotte Avenue just after coming out from under Drouillard Road, heading east? It looks like a scene from hell. What a prefect place to “remake”.

    1. I have one other roof in mind that I have to look into, but I really might take you up on that offer of Phog’s roof… that would be amazing!!!!

      see you tonight?…

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