For Safety: A Respirator


As recommended by Jodi, I now have a respirator that specializes in protection against: paint & pesticide vapors, solvents, glue, thinners, particulates, and mists.

There’s still a ways to go with preparing the planters, but hopefully by next week we’ll be able to start planting.

In other news, an awesome brainstorming night with Cristina—so many great things being planned for the coming months!!!

LightLane Prototype


Josh wrote about the LightLane project a while back, and skepticism aside, it seems as though the idea is finally moving beyond just the proposal stage. The video above is essentially a proof-of-concept, but very exciting.

Looks to me like you need to ride really, really fast to get the trailing effect.

Now I’m anxious to play with LEDs again.

[via GOOD]