I Wish This Was…

This project, appropriately called “I Wish This Was“, was created by New Orleans designer Candy Chang. Candy actually did her B.F.A. at the University of Michigan and created a design firm and record label called Red Antenna. The project you see above is quite a simple, but powerful, little proposition. She created a vinyl sticker design based on the famed “My Name Is…” badge with the intention that people would fill them out and stick them to anything in the city. Apparently her idea has caught the attention of quite a few concerned citizens; there is a Flickr album full of examples. I’ve included a few below. This reminds me of something that Windsor’s graphic designers could do as a sort of weekend public design project.

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Available Online For Free

Evan Roth's stickers

To coincide with the upcoming opening of his show in Vienna, Evan Roth (of GRL & FAT Labs fame), had these stickers made up to read, “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE,” and placed them on a number of products that are, as you imagine, likely available online for free.

The sticker design is available for free as well, in eps format, to send off to a sticker-printer of your choice.

Tetris Tournament & Wheat Paste Demo

Broken City Lab presents Tetris Tournament and Wheat Paste demo

Thursday, November 6 @ 7pm, Broken City Lab is hosting a Tetris Tournament in the halls of LeBel. We’ll also be holding a wheat paste demo / sticker making party.

If you want to play Tetris, sign up in the comments below!

And, if you have a copy of Tetris for Super Nintendo we could use, please get in touch with us!!!