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Evan Roth's stickers

To coincide with the upcoming opening of his show in Vienna, Evan Roth (of GRL & FAT Labs fame), had these stickers made up to read, “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE,” and placed them on a number of products that are, as you imagine, likely available online for free.

The sticker design is available for free as well, in eps format, to send off to a sticker-printer of your choice.

3 Replies to “Available Online For Free”

  1. And now it will be some poor kid’s job to remove all of those self-aggrandizing little gems (at a whopping $7.15/hr). I didn’t pay for my copy of Office, either, but is it really necessary or productive to mock those who would in sticker form?

    And of course those stickers went on CDs, LPs, and movies, as well—no doubt some of them independently-produced or -distributed.

    If I were showing in a commercial gallery and somebody came at the work with those things, I would bust out my knife and my fork, roll up my sleeves, and stone cold eat a bitch—TRUST.

  2. This is kind of like a project i just did for Intermedia about a month ago. I printed up labels and placed them on several items in stores simply stating, “Lindsay’s Favorite!”. These stickers were placed on these items from a concept I had kind of mark what I liked. I wanted to do them to c.d’s in music stores originally, but it branched out to all sorts of products and books. It turned more into a tracking method of myself as a consumer, which was neat, but unintentional. I want to continue, but I think I want to hit up Cosmo magazines with labels that critisize the wild, and totaly bogus stories they publish.
    I like the idea of marking products, it may not throw off the groov of consumerism, but it throws a little fun in the mix. And why not?

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