Windsor is Forever Recap


Last Thursday, March 7th, we transformed Civic Space into a tattoo shop for one full day. This was the final event in a project we co-hosted with Portland’s Jason Sturgill called Windsor is Forever. In the spirit of Jason’s Portland project Art is Forever, Windsor is Forever became a community-driven art and tattoo project that gave Windsor residents an opportunity to make a permanent mark on themselves. It also gave us an opportunity to discover what Windsor might look like as a set of icons. We found out which objects or symbols were important to Windsor residents, and which could begin to tell a story of what Windsor was and will be.

Windsor is Forever allowed us to connect with artists from the area and help create something that would last forever. This project demonstrated that Windsor is very important to many people, and for some, it is an integral part of their identities.


Civic Space was transformed from a multi-use studio space to a sterile and appropriately-lit tattoo parlour in a day. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of everyone who played a part in making Windsor is Forever a reality. The commitment from those involved and the participants themselves was incredible.


We should also note that if you didn’t get a free tattoo on Thursday, but you’re interested in using one of the designs, don’t worry. The flash set that was created from Monday’s Sketch Night and from submissions thereafter will be available at local tattoo shops shortly!

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We’d like to give huge thanks to everyone involved in this project. Thank you Jason Sturgill, Dave Kant, Steve Jones, Jon Jimenez, Arts Council Windsor & Region, all the reporters who came by to document the event, everyone who came out and contributed to Sketch Night, and everyone who contributed a Windsor story and came to get free a tattoo!

Windsor is Forever (1024)

To view the entire set of tattoos finished during Windsor is Forever, please click here.

Windsor is Forever with Jason Sturgill


Photo by Jason Sturgill from Art is Forever

Tattoos have been a long-lasting part of our cultural history, revealing glimpses of where we’re from, where we’re going, and who we think we are. Windsor is Forever is a new community-driven art and tattoo project that will give residents of Windsor an opportunity to make a permanent mark, on themselves.

Conceived by Portland-based artist, Jason Sturgill, Windsor is Forever will kick off on this Thursday, February 27th with Sturgill taking over CIVIC SPACE hosting events, doing archival research, and speaking with members of the community. Residents are encouraged to come meet Sturgill at CIVIC SPACE from February 27th to March 3rd to talk about their favourite places, landmarks, and people in the city. Sturgill will also be looking for Windsorites to give him guided tours of their favourite  places so that he has source materials for open sketch night where the tattoo designing will begin. That sketch night begins at 7pm on March 4th, with Sturgill co-hosting ACWR’s Sketch Night at CIVIC SPACE with local artist Dave Kant. This work will lead to the end goal of creating a series of Windsor-based flash tattoos ready to be inked onto members of the community.

Then, on March 7th, CIVIC SPACE will be turned into a FREE tattoo shop for the day, hosted by local tattoo artist Dave Kant of Advanced Tattoo. Residents that want to receive a tattoo will be asked to choose from the flash sheet that have already been designed.

Anyone eager to receive their Windsor tattoo or just interested in sharing a story is encouraged to fill out the form below with an explanation on why they believe Windsor is Forever! 

*Please note that since the tattooing is only happening for ONE day, we have a limited number of spots open. So if you’re interested, please sign up below ASAP!

*We’ll be in touch by the afternoon of Tuesday, March 5th if you’ve been selected to receive a tattoo, along with an approximate timeframe for your appointment on Thursday. We’ll do our best to accomodate as many people as we can!