Light Transmitting Concrete


Now wouldn’t this be a good idea for some of Lebel’s windowless rooms? This light transmitting concrete was developed in 2004 and is called LitraCon. I’m not having a very easy time thinking of many applications for this recent invention, but I’m sure it could save on lighting costs for rooms in which activities would be carried out during the day.

Litracon is a combination of optical fibers and fine concrete. The glass fibers lead light by points between the two sides of the blocks. Because of their parallel position, the light-information on the brighter side of such a wall appears unchanged on the darker side. The most interesting form of this phenomenon is probably the sharp display of shadows on the opposing side of the wall. Moreover, the colour of the light also remains the same.”

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Project Citizens Band

Project Citizens Band Container

I’ve found a group of individuals who have been creating some absolutely amazing work bordering on sound and technology called Intermod Series.  I may post a few of their works as I feel many of them are extremely interesting.  This particular project consists of a sound transmitting device and is called Project Citizens Band.

“This project was a month long broadcast over CB radio using prerecorded sounds designed to be mood altering. Four different audio tracks corresponded to common emotions experienced at the scheduled time of day. These were transmitted for a 5-minute duration, creating a sedative or stimulating affect.”