Caesars Windsor Sign Install

The “heroic” time-lapse video of the installation of that retina-burning Caesars Windsor sign that now pwns Windsor’s skyline. It’s also the first Windsor (the city, not the knot) result that comes up when searching YouTube for Windsor. I’m surprised we didn’t see this earlier.

4 Replies to “Caesars Windsor Sign Install”

  1. god damn this sign. it’s seriously the worst visual thing about the city. it makes me angry every time i go downtown and see it. i hate it in the day because it’s still lit up and wasting energy, and i hate it at night because it reflects into so many apartment buildings. i even hate it when i’m in detroit because it is ALL you can see and it even reflects over there. a sign shouldn’t make someone so furious >8(

  2. i still have photos of the original sign that was out front of that place before it was taken down too.

    headed downtown soon to photograph let’s hockey 2

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