How to Make a Time-Lapse Video from Stills

assuming you use iPhoto

There’s been a few times that I’ve wanted to turn a number of stills photos into a Quicktime movie. Sometimes it’s for time-lapse or to just present a sequence of stills as a video, like we did for the Making Things Happen promo video. So, this quick how-to is as much a reminder for myself for the next time I want to do this, as for anyone else.

The first step as you can see above is to create an album containing all the photos you want to turn into a video, select all the photos in the album, then choose Batch Change from the Photos menu.

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Making Things Happen, Day 1

Day 1 in the gallery

Today was a great start to the Making Things Happen (For a Week Straight) show. We got the gallery basically put together, showing some of our existing projects and making it into a big studio of sorts. The major projects of the day were painting the title wall, getting a new adapter for our LED sign, and starting on some wire + newspaper baskets for what’s casually been dubbed as hanging seed bombs.

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Gallery Time-Lapse

This will be updated every few minutes automatically… might eventually move this to the sidebar… I’ll also put up the archives from the folder and the code to do this soon.

// show the 5 most recent files in a folder…

$dir = “/home/thelondo/public_html/brokencitylab/mike/_timelapse/timelapse-scaled/”;
chdir($dir );

$show = 1;

$files = glob( ‘*.{html,php,php4,txt,jpg}’, GLOB_BRACE );
usort( $files, create_function(‘$b, $a’, ‘return filemtime( $a ) – filemtime( $b );’) );

for ( $i = 0; $i < $show; ++$i )

echo “


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Caesars Windsor Sign Install

The “heroic” time-lapse video of the installation of that retina-burning Caesars Windsor sign that now pwns Windsor’s skyline. It’s also the first Windsor (the city, not the knot) result that comes up when searching YouTube for Windsor. I’m surprised we didn’t see this earlier.