Cyberpac’s Dissolving Bags

While browsing on Environmental Graffiti blog, I stumbled across a new product developed by Cyberpac. The new product line is aimed at drastically reducing consumer waste while providing basic products that most of us use on a nearly daily basis. This particular product, ‘Harmless-Dissolve‘, is a “readily biodegradable, water soluble polymer which completely biodegrades in a composting environment, in a dishwasher or in a washing machine.┬áIt has no harmful residues and will biodegrade into naturally occurring substances […] In the end the bag becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass.”

There are a few more images after the jump…

The glue strip has to be removed; it is biodegradable but can not dissolve.

Then the bag can be placed in warm water.

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    1. Hi Steve
      We have only recently launched this product and are able to ship dependent on qty’s. We are currently in negotiation for licensing the product overseas so watch this space.
      If you do need anymore information then please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Many thanks for your interest.

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