Fun with Cardboard Letters

To continue the progress of our cardboard letter project, I took the remaining pieces home on the weekend to finish T, E, and R.

Though the first stage may be over, there’s still plenty left to work on in terms of researching and experimenting with various materials which I looked into as well.

After constructing quite a bit before hand, the process for the last batch was rather swift and thorough. Unlike Josh’s pristine clean area, my cardboard methods result in a disaster area (and a dreaded clean-up time).

My cousins dropped by later  as I was finishing the R and we had a little photoshoot. Even without any coating or paint, the cardboard stands out really well with a flash (as seen in the ridiculous second photo).

(Slightly unrelated,) they also tried to make me climb a tree… it didn’t happen.

The next step in our endeavour is to paper maché each letter to act as a seal and improve its durability. Looking ahead, I gathered some information on making the letters reflective. There were a few good pointers in this blog post, which is an instructional on how to paint reflective gear on a bicycle. Once the letters are all painted, it seems that we’ll have to invest in some extremely small glass beads (similar to the texture of sand) to coat over it for it to reflect light. Applying the glass is going to take some further research, however.

7 Replies to “Fun with Cardboard Letters”

  1. AMAZING. The R and R photo is unbelievably great.
    And, a total bonus now that all the letters are done!!! Way to go, you totally made this happen, Rosina.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for these glass beads, it’s going to be an adventure, I think that bike painting example is right on. We just need to source that stuff now.

    So, Friday paper maché party??!!! Bring yer newspapers.

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