Laser Cut Acrylic Extraction Process & Lunch Time French Lesson

Hiba started working with the laser cut acrylic, pulling apart the excess that we won’t need when we make the cast.

We’ll be creating a rubber mould from the positive of the acrylic.

The excess, the negative.

Hiba carefully placing some letters pulled off their base.

Careful work.

Then, Kiki came by to give us a French lesson, or maybe a lesson in Quebec politics.

This might be my most favourite way to learn French ever.

Kiki showed us some really interesting examples of the play on words that have shaped some of the discussions around the Red Square movement in Quebec.

Some of the¬†vocabulary¬†we learned today. We’re going to do this again later this week, and hopefully convince Kiki to offer a short course here at CIVIC SPACE by the end of it.

Currently, Josh and Hiba sit across from me, we’re going to go play now.