Lisa Anne Auerbach

Lisa Anne Auerbach

Lisa Anne Auerbach came to Windsor and did an artist talk, almost a couple years ago now. I remember in particular, her slide that stood in for her graduate work—it was just a blank slide, I chuckled and kind of shivered. Beyond that, I can’t remember a lot of her presentation, other than she also worked at a planetarium at some point, and published zines, but something about her practice stuck with me.

Her work that seems to make the rounds most often is pictured above—sweaters with (mostly) political messaging on them. Using a computer-controlled knitting machine, she often makes sweaters and matching skirts and then poses in them. The messages are somewhat immediate responses to current cultural and political climates, and it might be the immediacy of the response that I enjoy so much; well, the immediacy and the text.

Also, I thought it might be a good reference for the fun folks over at CNAP.

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    1. I suppose a knitting machine would be pretty awesome :)

      But, until the time comes that we can afford such a machine, maybe we should connect soon to talk about this project again (and probably get moving on it!)

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