Mario Nanni’s “La Luce Della Musica”


Mario Nanni‘s “La Luce Della Musica” is a visual and musical experience, projected onto the
façade of Milan’s opera Teatro Alla Scala.  Nanni used video projections and light to highlight
and compliment the architecture of Giuseppe Piermarini.  The precision of all of his projections are extremely impressive.  This project made me think back on our 100 Ways to Save the City projection, where we tossed around the idea of projecting animations before we decided on text based messages.

More images of this specific project under the cut, but here’s a video of something similar he did at Arco di Augusto in Rimini.


via designboom


Everything is perfectly to scale.


Birds flying across the building.


Outlines of trees.


People sitting along the ledges of the building.


The curtains closings, signifying the end of the show.

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  1. I really like how quiet (visually) this is … the video, even with the sound overdubs (I presume) were quite nice … I enjoyed those swinging lights too … makes me want to put LEDs on playground equipment or something to light up those sites at night.

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