“Reading is Necessary for Understanding the World:” Advocating for Open Access in Art & Social Practice Research

Today, I was asked by a PhD candidate in Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario, if and how my MLIS education has shifted or changed my view of technology.  Before entering this program, my academic research was predominately rooted in ways in which technology, digital media, and social networking can be used to preserve, organize, and most importantly, share information.  Technology certainly does have the capabilities of creating these opportunities, but entering this program has also  illuminated the strong restrictions that are placed upon digital information.

Thinking back on Justin’s thoughts Toward a New School of Art, he states, “reading is necessary for understanding the world,” and thinks about how art education must not be restricted to a traditional academic classroom setting in order to stay relevant.  Blurring these two ideas together, I also feel that art research should be viewed in a similar light.  Art education and related information literacy should be about about participation, collaboration, and especially access.

Academic research goes through a long process to be published.  The Atlantic’s recent post on the topic clearly explains the process all the way from a paper’s conception, to its publication, to its exclusive academic library access.  Open Access is one way in which scholarly research has been able to avoid this, and in turn, allow publications to receive broader readership.  Open Access refers to the practice of providing unrestricted access to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles online.  Many of these can be found through the Directory of Open Access Journals.

As seen by programs in place both at Emily Carr University (where Karlyn is studying!) and Portland State University‘s, the field of art and social practice is emerging.  As it grows and its scholarship develops, I hope its practitioners and researchers will continue to keep art and  social practice collaborative and go down the Open Access route to keep creative engagement accessible.

Sao Paolo: City With No Ads

From Text-In-Transit to …And Then The City, we’ve spent a lot of time  researching ways in which we can subvert some of the advertising spaces in Windsor, but what if we were to just eliminate all of the advertisements entirely?

In January of this year, the mayor of Sao Paolo, Brazil decided to ban all the 8,000+ advertisements in the city in order to “rid the city of visual clutter.” I’d be interesting to see how this changes a person’s behaviour or the city’s culture and personality.

What do you think?  Would you be able to live in a city completely empty of commercial advertising?  What if this happened in Windsor?  How would your re-think all of the empty spaces?

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Getting things done!

The Eco-House was bumpin’ Friday night!  Amongst a slew of other undergoing projects, Michelle, Rosina, Josh and I we’re all hard at work, trying to get everything organized for our upcoming event and final installment of Save The City that’s taking place this Friday at the Art Gallery of Windsor!

Rosina and I tackled the Save The City Micro Tool-Kits that will also be distributed THIS Friday night.  We did everything from editing the recipes, to creating a layout, to drawing little doodles, and we’re very excited to share them with you!  While Rosina and I were busy working away on one end of the table, Josh and Michelle were just as busy on the other end organizing and creating a calendar and list of needs for all the SRSI participants.

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Mario Nanni’s “La Luce Della Musica”


Mario Nanni‘s “La Luce Della Musica” is a visual and musical experience, projected onto the
façade of Milan’s opera Teatro Alla Scala.  Nanni used video projections and light to highlight
and compliment the architecture of Giuseppe Piermarini.  The precision of all of his projections are extremely impressive.  This project made me think back on our 100 Ways to Save the City projection, where we tossed around the idea of projecting animations before we decided on text based messages.

More images of this specific project under the cut, but here’s a video of something similar he did at Arco di Augusto in Rimini.


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Eric Boucher Micro-Residency Iteration 4/5


For part 4 of Eric Boucher’s Micro-Residency, we trekked all the way out to Harrow to interview my good friend, and local musician, Derek Harrison.  I met Derek way back in my first week of University and became friends very quickly.  Since that first semester in Windsor, Derek has been leaving Windsor left and right, moving to Ottawa, London, Montreal and even studying abroad in Lithuania, yet something keeps pulling him back to his roots, to Windsor.  I’ve always found Windsor’s handle on Derek interesting, so what better way to explore this then through a BCL interview!

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Conflux Day 3 – Algorithmic Subway Adventure Recap


Day 3 of our New York excursion and finally the day we’ve been waiting patiently for…the day of our Algorithmic Subway Adventure for ConfluxCity! In case you need a recap, The Algorithmic Subway Adventure was our attempt to psychogeographically explore, and engage with passengers of the New York City subway system.

We woke up fairly early to make all of the necessary preparations, as well as mentally ready ourselves for an eventful day. Danielle and Justin wrote out and edited the list of algorithmic steps that we finalized the night before, while Michelle and I grabbed breakfast for the four of us. We headed over to Kinkos for some quick photocopies and then headed onto a Subway and made our way to Union Square Station.

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Open Community Video


In tandem with The Open Corridor and Drive-Through Symphony events, Green Corridor has also installed another exhibit, Open Community Video.  This installation features videos from local students and community members.  The videos are rear-projected through the front window of one of the The Green Corridor’s new Ecohouses located at 372 California Ave.

Window projection

Open Community Video will take place Thursday (tonight!), September 24th from 8-10pm and Friday, September (tomorrow!) 25th from 8-10pm.  If you have any short videos that you would like to contribute to this installment, just bring a dvd copy of it to the house tonight or tomorrow night!

Conflux 2009 Day 1


We’re in New York for Conflux 2009 and we’re participating as part of Conflux City! We spent the first day catching up on some sleep, then venturing out into the city and touching base at Conflux HQ. There were a number of presentations we wanted to see, all of which helped us to start articulating some bigger questions we’ve been having about our own practice lately.

We’re scrambling right now to finish up our prep for our Algorithmic Subway Adventure at noon today (Sunday), so more details in the next posts later.

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