‘M’ore Letter-Making

As you can see from a post we made a few days ago, we’ve been working on constructing a large-scale cardboard text statement. My job over the weekend was to re-do the first 3D letter we made–we made the letter ‘m’ too small horizontally and didn’t want it to be prone to falling over when someone sneezed next to it. This was my first time constructing a full letter, so I had to teach myself the ropes.

I first cut out the strips needed to join both faces of the ‘m’. I did this in a small space near my bed, but it was fun nonetheless.

I then slowly glued these strips to the face of the ‘m’ using beads of hot glue. Since the glue took a little while to dry, I had to stabilize the strips.

This is the letter before the second face was glued down. This last step proved to be the most challenging since I had to do the bonding in small steps while bending the face of the letter up (so I could get glue beneath it.) All in all, I enjoyed this little hands-on task and now know what to do for next time. Stay tuned for more updates!

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