My Neighbourhood; A Tag Project


With the help of Panoramio, a site that allows users to upload images and plot them using Google Maps, I created a project where I mapped the routes that I walk on a weekly basis. I did this by photographing the tags I see on my walks, then plotting the images on the map. There are three main taggers in my neighbourhood; Beast, THC and Jerk. I tagged the appropriate photos on Panoramio with the names of these taggers. I plan on extending this project to include more images of tags in other neighbourhoods around Windsor and opening it up to others to contribute their images as well.

Check out the photos here.

More BCL+maps

8 Replies to “My Neighbourhood; A Tag Project”

  1. This is actually really interesting to see the tags mapped out (and spelled out). It might also be interesting to title the photos according to what tag is in the photo, to make it easier to read who has tagged the most…

    Do these three taggers stay away from re-tagging each other?

    1. * what do you mean “re-tagging” each other?
      * Denial is not a tagger or in any way graffiti.

        1. If you go over someones name with your own or just write over it then asking for trouble or you dont like the person. Its not a good thing to do.

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